EPIC Expedition

EPIC Expedition is an up-and-coming first-year FTC team organized under EPIC Labs Robotics, based at EPIC Masjid, Plano, Texas.
We are a team of highly talented and motivated students who are eager to inspire others in make in impact in the world of STEM. In the short amount of time we've become a team that has already crushed a variety of tasks one-by-one and plan to continue doing so throughout the season. In collaboration with EPIC Odyssey, we are aspiring and striving to compete in national competitions, and eventually win the world championships

The world needs Expedition.

The Expedition of EPIC Labs FTC intends to promote cultural diversity in STEM. This happens by encouraging a deeper understanding of the STEM field through competitive events, while portraying the gracious professionalism of its team to the public. In turn, this inspires all of us to implement STEM in not just competitions, but in our daily lives as well.
Through opportunity creation and fostering a culture of sharing, the EPIC Expedition robotics team engages the youth and creates lifelong positive experiences for the team members.

Meet the Team.

Team Captain

Adil H

When I found out that there was a robotics team at a center that I regularly visited, I had no excuse but to try out. I have always been interested in STEM as it intersects every field of study in imperative ways. I believe that this welcoming and supportive team will teach me many skills that I will use throughout my career.

CAD - 3D Modeling

Aslam M

I am really enjoying my time on the CAD subteam of EPIC Expedition. I have always enjoyed the challenge of developing solutions to problems I may be faced with. I developed my passion for CAD in Middle School with the application called SketchUp. I was amazed at how easy it was to create 3D models straight from my imagination. I started to explore other softwares such as Fusion360 and SolidWorks which greatly expanded what I could do with 3D modeling and broadened my love for CAD even more. I am excited to start this next season and look forward to a great year of FTC!


Zayd M

Zayd is an experienced technologist and has been in engineering since he was very young. He is now the subteam captain of the robotics building team as part of EPIC Expedition.

Amna N

I joined the building sub team because I loved to create things out of simple parts. Before I joined epic expedition I used to work on mini projects to solve minor problems I had at home and do simple wire work. Epic expedition has taught me many amazing skills, and I am excited to see what else I will do as a part of the team.

Summayah H

My name is Sumayyah and I’m 14 years old. I am part of the building sub-team. I think this team is a great fit for me since I like putting things together and working in a group setting to accomplish a shared goal. I’m excited to be part of this amazing team and I hope that together, we can build a competitive, winning robot!

Yahya S

Hi, my name is Yahya S. I'm part of the building sub-team. I hope to learn from this experience. I want to implement the skills I learn and use them later.


Adam M

I have loved programming ever since I was young and have always found a way to use it in my daily life. I'm an avid programmer and am excited to be apart of the programming sub-team for EPIC Expedition. As a lead, I'll maek sure to inspire and lead those around me to make the world better one step at a time.

Ayan M

I am a part of Expedition's programming team. I have had programming experience in the past, most notably with C++ and Javascript, as I have made Arduino projects and web based applications for fun. I'm really excited to be a member of this team because the programming team allows the robot chassis to come to life and actually maneuver in competition. Additionally, being a programmer has taught me patience through repetitive trial and error.

Ayaz I

My name is Ayaz and I am 13 years old. As a part of Epic Expedition, I am super excited to be part of the programming team and contribute to our amazing robots.

Rayyan S

My name is Rayyan I’m 14 and in 8th grade I am apart of the programming sub-team. One reason I wanted to join the programming sub team is because I have done diminutive programming in languages like python and have been enthralled by it. I also pursue these skills in school by being in an engineering and in a coding class. EPIC Expedition teaches me many things and I am excited to see how they perform in this competition and the next ones.

Zeeshan S

My name is Zeeshan S I am 15 years old and a sophomore in highschool. I am a member of the programming sub team. One reason why I wanted joined this program was because I want to pursue a stem based career in the future. I’m also very interested in the robotics program and furthering my knowledge.


Muhammad M

Hi I am Muhamamd Meetheen. I joined because I want to enhance my team working skills. I also wanted to to improve my skill of speaking and presenting because I am part of my schools debate team.

Mysha S

Hi, my name is Mysha S, and I’m 14 years old. I have a passion for helping others, and I thought that I would be able to do that by inspiring STEM education in our community. I hope to one day be able to peruse this goal I have by helping people live healthier/better lives as a doctor.

Yahya L

Hi, my name is Yahya and I am 13 years-old. I joined EPIC Labs Robotics because I have always been intrigued by robotics and what robotics does. I also have a large passion for STEM and wish to help out in whatever ways I can. Some of my hobbies are reading, photgraphy, and spending time with my family. I am a motivated marketer and I am extremely enthusiastic about being a marketer for EPIC Expedition.


Zeeshan M

I enjoy working with the people over at EPIC, i also enjoy the energetic/hardworking environment that surrounds me. I'm very excited to see what the plans with EPIC Expedition will be in the future. I was really excited when i was accepted into the team. I hope I'm able to convince others to try it out as well. I enjoy working with computers and like reading books I also have a small hobby with photography. I am excited to be apart of EPIC Expedition as it would be my first year.

Salman M

I am very excited to be working on the EPIC Expedition. I always was working on tech robots and building. But, being a part of Documentation is very helpful because I get to monitor our team and myself in what we are supposed to be doing. My name is Salman and I am excited to be on the Documentation Sub-Team in EPIC Expedition, I wish to use my experience in order to inspire other people and hopefully win it all this year.

Quality Assurance

Yahya M

I have always been interested in the field of quality assurance and have always found a way to incorporate its skills into my daily routine. I am a keen member of the QA sub-team and am ready to provide all I can to EPIC Expedition.

Juhi N

I joined the quality assurance sub-team because I have always have had an interest in testing. I have always found ways to include testing in my life, even if it is for small things. I am very excited to go on with the season and be a part of EPIC Expedition.